Butterfly Table Tennis Rubbers in America and Japan

One of the benefits of being a table tennis player that reads Japanese is being able to compare prices and information for table tennis rubber in both Japan and the United States.

I can also pass off this information to readers to do with as they will…

For this post, I’d like to take a look at what rubbers are offered in one country, but not the other. Although I know anyone can buy the table tennis rubber they want anywhere. It can be interesting to see what differences we can find from those listed in Japan and the United States.

Butterfly USA lists 43 different rubbers, including the ROUNDELL which is marked as new. This page uses a top seller mark to denote some of the rubbers. The top sellers are listed below with their prices.

  • Bryce $49.99
  • Bryce Speed $53.99
  • Bryce Speed FX $53.99
  • Challenger Attack $36.99
  • Feint Long II $39.99
  • Orthodox $19.99
  • Sriver $33.99
  • Sriver G3 FX $46.99
  • Sriver EL $33.99
  • Sriver FX $33.99
  • Super Anti $31.99
  • Tackifire C $42.99
  • Tenergy 05 $56.99
  • Tenergy 25 $56.99
  • Tenergy 64 $56.99

Butterfly Japan doesn’t use the “top seller” mark, but does allow buyer ratings and comments. The Tenergy 05, 25, and 64 are all highly rated by buyers, and the three are listed on the first page retailing for 6,300 yen each.

The “top sellers” that are offered on the USA page, but not to be found on the Japan page are the Sriver G3 FX (though the G2 FX version is offered), and the Orthodox (although the Orthodox DX is there).

The other table tennis rubbers currently available in the US, but not in Japan are the Cermet, Feint Long III-1.1 Black, Sriver G3, and the Super Anti Special.

That makes a total of 6 table tennis rubbers for sale on the US site, but not found on the Japanese site.

The Japanese site lists 50 rubbers, and a little math shows us that there should be 13 types found on the Japan site, but not on the US site. Here are their names:

  • Orthodox DX
  • Large 44 DX
  • Flarestorm II
  • West Will
  • Spin Art
  • Roundell Hard
  • Roundell Soft
  • Catapult Hard
  • Ekrips Soft
  • Sriver – Kawatsuki
  • Feint Long III – Cho-Goku-Usu (cho-goku-usu means extra thin… 0.5 to be exact)
  • Feint Long II – Cho-Goku-Usu
  • Feint Long III – OX

The Japanese site seems to have slightly higher prices than the US, especially for the Bryce series, although I’m sure you can find much better prices at one of the online discount table tennis supply shops in Japan.

I’m looking forward to continuing this analysis in the future, maybe doing a price comparison for Butterfly table tennis rubber and other brands by country and by online shop.

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