Unique Table Tennis Racket Designs

Here are some table tennis rackets (bats) designed with different interesting shapes. I’ve never used any of them, but I imagine some of the designs could improve play (or at least not hinder play) once one got used to them. They are pretty interesting looking rackets, though!

Take a look!

This racket is a part of the “Tenaly Series” put out by the Japanese maker Nittaku. This is the Tenaly Original Table Tennis Racket, the maker assures that it can be used by penholders as well.

Then next is the “Sound”, also by Nittaku. This racket is more like a table tennis “paddle” in shape and design. The ads for it say that it’s made for shakeholders primarily.

Yasaka makes a “pistol grip” table tennis racket… well, they describe it as a “handsaw grip”, and named it the “Handsaw Racket”.  The ad claims that it’s easy to put spin on balls, and both hands may be used. I also searched for it on Yasaka’s partner Stiga’s official homepage, but didn’t see this particular model.

Tibhar also puts out some interestingly colored and designed table tennis blades, including the Swing IV-S racket. This is the racket used by French player Damien Eloi. The shape of the racket is often described as guitar or violin shaped.

Here’s a photo of Damien Eloi playing with the Swing IV-S.

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